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Tokyo Revengers chapter 265 (leaked) explores Mikey’s relationship with Takemichi and Kisaki


Tokyo Revengers part 265 spoilers have been released a day prior to the normal date and they are more than whatever perusers had expected. The end-note in the past section guaranteed that this would be a 26-page issue with a hued twofold spread cover. The said cover has been delivered today too, and it has blown everybody’s mind.

As indicated by spoilers, Tokyo Revengers section 265 spotlights on the last piece of Mikey’s flashbacks. Both Kisaki and Takemichi highlight broadly here, as was hypothesized from the clue given in the last section. Mikey’s separate associations with these two urgent characters are introduced in the section according to his perspective.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers part 265. Sportskeeda asserts no responsibility for media utilized in this article except if generally expressed.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 265 raw scans and spoilers: The cover features Mikey and Takemichi, flashbacks reveal Kisaki’s entry into Toman

Section 264 covered Shinichiro’s passing and the development of Toman according to Mikey’s perspective. It gave a short gesture to Draken’s most memorable gathering with Emma and finished with the passages of Kisaki and Takemichi into the flashback montage.

As indicated by the spilled cover, Tokyo Revengers part 265 is named Stand by Me. The cover highlights Mikey and Takemichi in their Kantou Manji Gang and Tokyo Manji Gang (second Generation) Uniforms, separately. The two primary characters face each other against a wonderfully delivered rendition of the train tracks.

The spoilers are more disrupted and indiscriminate than expected, yet this article will endeavor to mesh them together into an intelligent story. Tokyo Revengers part 265 takes perusers through Mikey’s most memorable gathering with Kisaki and their already neglected discussion. The section then continues on toward a round-table conversation of sorts between the first Gen commanders of Toman.

It tends to be conjectured from Baji’s appearance that it fell between Takemichi’s introduction into the group and Baji’s diversion to Valhalla. There appeared to be a contention happening between the commanders, and it is guessed that they could have been examining Kisaki’s induction to the pack.

As indicated by the spoilers, the part then, at that point, slices to the fight with Valhalla. Mikey saw Baji getting wounded, and his resulting response is displayed exhaustively, however according to his point of view. Rings of murkiness, which represent Mikey’s Dark Impulses, are seen twisting around the then-Toman president. Perusers definitely realize that Baji is the person who freed Mikey once again from the daze during the Valhalla curve.

The connection among Mikey and Kisaki is one of the critical impetuses for the episodes in the whole series. Be that as it may, perusers never got to consider it to be widely as Mikey’s bond with Takemichi. The main impression that we had was from Kisaki’s flashback. Mikey’s sentiments in regards to Kisaki, and how he came to be caught by the conspiring miscreant, stayed a secret, which section 265 is probably going to settle.

The Valhalla bend stays a difficult memory for perusers and characters the same. Notwithstanding, it appears to be fitting that Mikey remembers Baji’s demise in his portrayal, considering that he has recalled each and every passing from his life as a youngster up to this point. This would be whenever perusers first get to see grown-up Mikey’s Dark Impulses according to his own perspective.

Considering that it is a 26-page part and furthermore logical the last flashback section, it makes sense that both Draken and Emma’s demises would be displayed in Tokyo Revengers section 265 too. Mikey’s view of Izana and his injury after the last’s passing will likewise should be tended to. While no notice of these episodes showed up in the released examines, the authority interpretation makes certain to reveal some insight into them.